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^^Look....aren't I cute?^^

I'm a proud to be a grad student at EKU!
I will be starting the School Psychology specialist program in the fall.
It's a three year program (two years of classes and then a one year internship).
I'm pretty excited about it.

James and I have FINALLY started going back to Aikido! (yay!)
I'm glad that we are getting back into it. We're going to feel so much better. I'm not as far behind as I was afraid I was going to be.

Recently James bought the game "Arkahm Horror". I was pretty leery of it because he usually makes me play or watch weird things.
However, in this case he deserves two thumbs up for picking out a great game. Hard as all hell, but very good nonetheless.

We have a new WoD game going with some friends, and it's going pretty well!
I don't know if I will make a page for the new game or not. If you are interested, the webpage for the old game is here.


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